Sunday Homestead Update – Candy, Flood, and Wind

We had a problem with our well pump this week, which caused a pressure surge in the water lines, which caused some flooding. It broke an apparently weak spot in a pipe under the kitchen sink, which flooded part of the kitchen and dining room. Thankfully, someone was home and thus it was dealt with as quickly as possible, which decreased the damage. Had no one been home, the damage would have been immense. It also caused the pressure relief valves on both the house water heater and the mill water heater to pop. Good, in that those protected the heaters, but bad in that it caused some minor flooding in the crawl space (not as big of a deal) and in the mill (a bigger deal). Fans have been running, everything has been cleaned up, and we are glad the damage is so minimal. The pump has a temporary fix and will get fully fixed this week. Daniel has dealt with several different water systems over the years and this one is completely different than what he has dealt with before. So he is expanding his knowledge and learning the new system and how to maintain and repair it.


We did get some of the terrible wind that hit the area this week, but thankfully no damage. It was interesting to watch the weather move in that morning. It was hard to capture fully with a camera, but we saw some interesting clouds formations that were pushed over and then down the side of the Rockies. They were almost reminiscent of wildfire smoke. It was a cool sight, one we had never seen before.


We have been busy making Christmas goodies – candies and cookies and sooo much sweet stuff! Not to mention dressing up jars of jelly and applesauce to give as gifts from our homestead.

We have also been doing a lot of work on homemade Christmas gifts. I can’t share any photos because it would give away the surprises. But it has been fun to see all the awesome things everyone has been creating. Very thoughtful and well-made gifts.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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