The Results Are In…

With the concern that we had yet another infertile ram we decided to go ahead and get the vet out to find out. We have chuckled more than once lately and said ”remember the days when we would just put a ram with the ewes and all would be pregnant within a couple weeks? When did this get high maintenance!?” LOL. Here we are the second year in a row getting the vet out to check ram fertility. Sigh. But without a for-sure confirmation one way or the other we couldn’t really make any plans. So, high-maintenance it is.

The test results are in…

Our new Bluefaced Liecester ram, Wallace, is fertile! He just isn’t fully mature yet, which is why he hasn’t settled any ewes yet.

Most wool breed rams can breed between 5-7 months of age. All the ones we have had before were successful by 7 months of age at the latest. Wallace is 8 months old. It is not unheard of that different breeds mature at different ages. And even different lines of the same breed depending on what the breeder is selectively breeding for.
So we are relieved to hear this news. We are going to let the dairy ram finish settling the adult wool breed ewes for this season and then Wallace can have his turn next year.

While we had the vet out, we decided to check our Bond ram, Nilsson, as well. We were confidant that he was infertile after the many opportunities he has had and the fact that he didn’t settle any ewes. But we wanted to be sure since he is a rare and valuable ram.

The test results showed that Nilsson is definitely infertile. Such a bummer.

Two infertile wool rams in a row…but at least it is not three! We are very glad Wallace is going to be able to be a good breeding ram for our wool flock next year. And we hope our days of fertility checking and ewes not settling are over.

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