Blue-Faced Leicester Sheep

We breed and sell registered Blue-Faced Leicester (BFL) wool sheep and lambs. We are selectively breeding for high-quality, soft, fine fiber with long staple length. We are also selecting to keep the traditional attributes of the BFL, and good conformation in healthy, hardy sheep. We have both white, and naturally colored BFLs. To learn more about the BFL breed, go to the BFL Sheep Registry.

We also breed and sell landrace wool sheep. Some of our favorite wool that comes from our farm comes from the BFL/Finewool cross-breed sheep. In the cross breedings we are selecting for softer fleece with a longer staple length. The wool is the main focus of these breedings. The cross breeds can include BFL, American Bond, Wensleydale, Merino, CVM, and milk sheep breeds.

We seasonally have adults and lambs available for sale.  See below for details of what we have available at this time.  We suggest contacting us ahead of time to be put on the wait list as they tend to sell fast and sometimes don’t even make it to this page. Contact us at if you have questions or are interested in buying some of our stock.


MacDougal – Registered Bluefaced Leicester Wether – $300

MacDougal is a beautiful example of a BFL. His fleece is the finest in our flock and has a staple length at 7-8 inches. He is 2-years old. He is super duper friendly and comes over to us to be pet and scratched every time we enter the pen. He will make a wonderful addition to a fiber lover’s flock.