For Sale

We seasonally have sheep, lambs, kid goats, chickens, and chicks available for sale.  See below for details of what we have available at this time.  Contact us at if you have questions or are interested in buying some of our stock.

To see our breeding adults that will be birthing for 2020, click here.

Photos and details will be added to this page as the animals become available.


We expect to potentially have 1 lactating, adult, dairy ewe available for sale Summer-Fall of 2020.


We will have bottle lambs due April/May/June 2020.  There will be very few available as bottle lambs this year.  They will be dairy lambs and wool/dairy cross lambs.

We will have weanling lambs available for sale July/August 2020.  There will be wool breeds, wool/dairy crosses, and dairy breeds available.

Goat Kids:

Sorry, no goat kids for sale this year.


We cross-breed our cold-hardy breeds to get mixed-breed chickens that have hybrid vigor and do well in high-altitude and cold climates.

We will have pullets at point-of-lay available for sale in late spring and summer 2020, along with some adult hens.


We will run incubations of our mixed-breed high-altitude hardy chickens for you to buy.  Cost is $3 per chick and they will be straight-run.

If you would like to buy a batch of chicks from us contact us at to set up an incubation.  Non-refundable deposits will be required.