Wool and Wool Products

We have high-quality wool and wool products for sale from our flock of selectively bred wool sheep.

We sell raw fleece, roving, and yarn from Bluefaced Leicester, Wensleydale, American Bond, and landrace wool breeds. We also sell strong, coarse fleece for rug making from our flock of East Friesian dairy sheep. We occasionally have Angora rabbit fur available as well. Whether you are making rugs, or knitting a sweater, or anything in between, we can help you find the right fleece, roving, or yarn to suit your purposes.

Roving For Sale:

American Bond – very faded moorit (almost cream), 8 oz roving $32

Wensleydale – black with silver fibers, 8 oz roving $32

Raw Fiber for Sale:

The raw fiber we have is listed based on quality of the specific fleece. High quality fiber is very clean and fits the profile of that specific breed. Medium quality may be dirtier or may be very clean but not fit the breed profile as closely. Medium quality fiber is still nice fiber, it just isn’t up to the top standard. Rug fiber is strong but coarse, excellent for making rugs. Pricing reflects the quality and uniqueness of each type of fiber.

Contact us for more detailed information, colors, staple length, or photos for specific fiber on this list.

We can make any of these raw fleece into roving or yarn for you. Contact us for details and pricing to have that done.

High Quality:

American Bond – $32/lb

Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) – $28/lb

Wensleydale – $25/lb

Medium Quality:

Corriedale – $15/lb

Cotswold Mix – $15/lb

CVM – $12/lb

Gotland – $20/lb

Rug Wool:

East Friesian – $10/lb

Mixed Breed (similar characteristics of Romney) – $8/lb

Contact us at willowcreekfarm12@gmail.com for more information.