Sunday Homestead Update

We spent this week dealing with the tail-end of our illness, but we are much better now.  Here is what is going on around the farm!

Blueberry Pie Filling

This week we got a good deal on blueberries, so we canned pie filling.  Yummy!  We are hoping to get to salsa, more pickles, and stewed tomatoes this coming week.


We ate our first few ever home-grown tomatoes! (at this location – we used to grow a lot of tomatoes when we lived in a little warmer climate).  These are the ones grown inside, the outside ones have yet to ripen, but we are hopeful.



Chicken Update:

I noticed that one of the hen’s jackets had a spot that was worn through.  I am glad I put denim on the underside, and I am glad to see how much they are protecting the girls’ backs.  Just think if the damage was on her back instead of on her jacket!  I will patch this and then put it back into use.

photo 1 (28)

Daisy is molting.  They look so awful when they molt, and she seems to be going through an especially ugly molt.  The kids say she looks like someone tried to use a broken feather plucker on her.  Poor girl.  But she is going to look great when it comes back in!


Now…to make up for the ugliness of that photo, lest you think our chickens all look like that…

We have some particularly beautiful pullets and cockerels from this year’s breeding season.  I finally got some time to take photos of them.  They are coming into adulthood and look excellent.  I love the colors and patterns of their feathers.

100_1354 100_1367 100_1382


And Rachel and Olaf had to get a chance to be in pictures too:

100_1280 100_1289

The pullets are all coming of age and we are now getting more and more eggs each day!  They are such a great variety of blues, greens, creams, and browns.


Baby Calf!

No, we do not have a cow on the property at this point.  However, the people who bought Violet from us called so we could come and see the calf she had since we were the ones who bred her.  If you remember, Violet is a JLow (mini jersey x lowline angus cross).  She is completely black.

103_0646We bred her to a mini Hereford, which are the breed that are orange with white faces.  We fully expected the black genetics to cover the orange, though we knew that the white face genetics are strong.  So we were all expecting a completely black calf, or a black with white face.  We were surprised to see that the heifer calf looked just like her sire!


Violet did excellent with the delivery and has been a great mama, doting on her little baby girl.  It was really fun to get to see this baby even though we don’t own Violet anymore!

Another great week on the homestead!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. Poor Daisy does look like she fell under a lawnmower. One of my girls had a bad moult and another a fairly bad one. A couple you can’t even tell (if they did in fact moult). Funny it’s not consistent. What we first noticed wasn’t the lack of feathers, it was the dandruff under their roost. All those feather bits/ends/coverings/fluff/whatever floated down over night. It’s still there every morning. How long should a stupid moult last? It’s been months!

    Your jacket looks amazing (agreed, what would her back look like without that jacket). I made a couple and used just denim without a cove over it and my hen (only one was being damaged by the rooster) kept getting out of them so I gave up and she became naked. My suggestion is to persist if you’ve got a good fit and they’re okay with their jackets.


  2. I love your hen jackets! I am a new chicken keeper and have a couple cockerels I don’t want to part with but was concerned about them leaving those ugly patches on my hens. My flock is about 10 weeks old so I guess I have a little time. Can one buy those jackets or are they something you came up with?


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