LHL Recipe Review – Hamburger Help Mix

We are working our way through the Little House Living book of recipes for bath, body, and household products, and kitchen mixes.  You can read previous recipe reviews by clicking on “LHL Recipe Reviews” in the category section on the right sidebar.  We are not affiliated with Little House Living, nor are they compensating us for this.  We just wanted to work our way through all the recipes because they all look so great, and thought it would be nice to take you along for the journey.  🙂  All recipes are rated on a scale of 7 thumbs up, since we are a family of 7.

I have a little secret.  Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone.  When I first got married I had no idea how to cook and everything I cooked came out of a can or box.  I know, it’s surprising since now not only do I cook almost everything from scratch and avoid pre-processed foods like the plague, but I also grow and raise my own fresh food.  Big changes.  Life can change you.

But I must admit I was pretty well intrigued when I saw the Hamburger Help Mix recipe in the Little House Living book because we used to eat the store bought version out of a box often in our early years of marriage and I liked it.

We could tell by the recipe that one batch was not going to be even close to enough for our family.  So we quadrupled it.  The 4x batch fit nicely in a half-gallon jar in the pantry.

We cooked up half of it using her dairy-free instructions, and we cooked the other half with milk as per her instructions.

Both versions were quick and easy to throw together for dinner by just taking the jar from the pantry and adding a few wet ingredients to them.  It made for a great meal for those evenings when I just don’t have the time or energy to put together a whole meal from scratch.  And it was nice to know exactly what was in the mix and that it wasn’t anything that would be bad for my family.

Everyone loved it!  Both versions were delicious and there wasn’t a speck of food left when we were done.  We all went back for seconds and some thirds as well.

7 thumbs up!

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