Towards the end of our first summer we added a rabbitry to our farm.  We have kept meat rabbits before so it was exciting to know we were going to be raising our own white meat again.

We have raised many different breeds over the years, including Palomino, Red New Zealand, Champagne D’ Argent, Flemish Giant, White New Zealand, Silver Fox, and Rex.  We cross breed for hybrid vigor since we use all the rabbits for meat.

In 2017 we had our breeding buck and two breeding does die of different things within a couple of months of eachother.  Since that was almost all of our breeding stock, and getting ourselves back up and producing was going to take several months, we decided to stop raising meat rabbits for the unforseeable future.

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11 thoughts on “Rabbitry

  1. I have I miniature doe who has been sucessfully bred in the past. However I do not currently have a male of breeding age. Would a 3 month gap between breeding harm the doe’s ability to reproduce?


    • I don’t know the answer to this from experience. From what I have heard from other people in the rabbit world it is hard to get a doe back into more frequent breeding once it has had a long break between breedings. But like I said, I don’t know the real answer to that from any experience of my own. the longest we have done was a break of 4 weeks between weaning and re-breeding once because we were having trouble keeping weight on the doe and wanted to give her time to gain some weight. She re-bred fine and went back to frequent breedings with no issues. Hopefully it will work out for you and she will do fine after the break. 🙂


      • No she can become pregnant immediately she has delivered. However this is cruel we recommend three months after each litter to give your rabbits a break from kindling. I have a dutch dwarf a male one if you would like to bread with him send me a message. He is three years old and is golden hence his name Goldie.


  2. I have a rabbit I believe has coccidiosis. I have quarintined it and will be medicating soon. Do you have any experiance with this? Also would you recommend giving preventative medicine to pregnant does?


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