About Our Journey

Welcome to Willow Creek Farm!  I am Kat, and my husband Daniel and I own and operate Willow Creek Farm and Willow Creek Fiber Mill.  We have 5 kids who are very involved in the farm and business as well.

We have been homesteading to provide food for our family for over 15 years now.  We started out in the high-altitude Rockies and worked hard to learn how to homestead in that cold, sometimes harsh climate.  Over the years we have raised and bred dairy cows, dairy goats, milk sheep, wool sheep, chickens, ducks, and meat rabbits, plus the Livestock Guardian dogs needed to guard them.  We also have had extensive vegetable and berry gardens and fruit trees.  Our goal has been to feed our family off our land as much as possible, while selectively breeding high-quality livestock suited to its purpose.

We opened Willow Creek Fiber Mill in 2017, where we offer custom-processing of wool, alpaca, and exotic fibers into roving, batting, and yarn.

In the spring of 2021 we moved from the high-altitude Rockies to the High Plains of eastern Colorado.  The farm is much bigger now and we have more opportunities to expand.  We are working through regenerative farming methods to bring life back to the land at the new farm.

Our main livestock focus over the years has become sheep.  We now breed and sell dairy sheep and specialty wool sheep, as well as their fiber and fiber-products.  We plan to add a small flock of meat sheep to the farm in 2022.  We also breed and raise chickens and Muscovy ducks.  And keep a couple of dairy goats for our family milk needs.  We continue to garden fruits and vegetables and preserve our harvest through root cellaring, canning, freezing, and dehydrating.  We use many different methods to extend our growing season and our goal is small-scale year-round gardening.

We love sharing what we do and love, and teaching others to homestead.  I write for Mother Earth News, and have also been published in a few other homesteading/livestock publications.  We are planning to add on-farm workshops in 2022 to help share our knowledge and this awesome life with others.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact us at willowcreekfarm12@gmail.com

24 thoughts on “About Our Journey

  1. great start to a great life thank you so much for fallowing my little blog… where are you located at? I am from Colorado and moved East.. .funny I very rarely hear that.. .usually moved west… but any way… nice to meet you and I cant wait to see all of the animals and garden stories Jolynn


    • Thanks! I saw your name and had to check it out because all my family and friends like to refer to me as Mountain Mama when we talk homestead and stuff. I am looking forward to following your journey too. We are in the mountains of Northern Colorado.


  2. wonderful! I am from Boulder and lived in Golden for a while.. bless you for putting up with all that snow and I think you are the first homesteading blog I am fallowing from the mountains of Co. Hope to find more of us around!


  3. I am very excited to find this! We are in California right now, but have bought a home near Allenspark with 2.23 acres of land and hope once we retire from our current jobs to do something like this. It’s REALLY cold up there, but I am looking forward to being more rural and having animals. We are raising Californian bunnies right now and have had our trials and tribulations so this is a wonderful place for me to find.


    • So glad to have you joining us! I hope you enjoy following our journey and adventures here at Willow Creek Farm. When you move to Colorado we should get together for coffee and chat about homesteading – maybe trade some breeding stock rabbits. 🙂


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