103_0188  We love having a vegetable garden that can provide enough food to last the whole year.  We freeze, root cellar, can, and eat fresh the produce we grow.  We also save our own seeds from our best produce in order to create our own strains that produce well in our high-altitude, cold-climate garden.

We use the square-foot gardening/intensive gardening approach to gardening and do it with raised beds that are terraced.  These methods work well in our climate and with our steep terrain.

We moved into the new farm too late in the season to garden 2012, but we were able to construct the garden and plant for the 2013 season.  2014 saw more garden expansion, and the addition of berry bushes, strawberry patch, and a container herb garden.  We also were able to figure out how to successfully grow tomatoes in our short season, cold-climate.  2015 was a bumper crop of everything, and 2016 and 2017 brought more garden expansion.  In 2018 we harvested more than ever, at about 1 lb of produce per square foot of garden, and we finally planted our first two apple trees!  In 2020 we added a second vegetable garden that doubles the space we had for vegetables before.  In the future we also hope to add a greenhouse to extend our short 10-week growing season and many more fruit options.

Read more about our garden by clicking the sidebar menu “More About Our: Gardening.”

To read our series on High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening, click on the link in the sidebar Categories menu titled “High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening Series.”


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