I updated you about our son’s health issues a few weeks ago in this post.

I have some amazing news….he had his 10th surgery last week, which was his 2nd surgery with the new doctor.  The new doctor had expected him to need 2-4 more surgeries after this one to complete the plan to fix the duct.  But when he got in there everything looked healed and functioning properly!  He said there is a slight chance that there could be more issues in the future…but from all he can tell it looks to be completely fixed and will not need any more intervention!!!

What has been a 3.5 year struggle for our family is finally coming to an end.

Mr. Smiles is recovering beautifully from the surgery and is already back to his normal smiley self.  We are all basking in this news and soaking in the fact that a very hard chapter of our lives has ended and we can start a new one that doesn’t include constant doctors, ERs, hospitalizations, and surgeries.  Praise God!

Such Great News

If you have been following our blog for very long you are aware that our 3-year-old, Mr. Smiles, has struggled with major medical issues since he was 3-months-old.  It has come up occasionally on the blog because it has obviously affected our homestead and life drastically.  He has had 9 surgeries in his short life, with more on the horizon.

He was diagnosed with an extremely rare bile duct issue at 3-months-old, and last August we were told that they could not figure out how to fix it and that it would ultimately be fatal.  That was a devastating blow to the family and we spent the fall trying to heal and accept that.  Around Christmas, his health declined and we were in an out of ERs and hospitals.  During that time, because of how things played out, we ended up at a different pediatric hospital than we had previously been at and we saw a different specialist than he has been seeing.  This specialist had a whole different view of the situation and did not feel that there was any reason that it would be fatal and had a plan for how to fix it.  We were tentatively optimistic and switched to his care.  He performed the first surgery in his plan to fix it in February and it went extremely well, but it was still not clear if it was working.

This week we had his surgery follow-up appointment and ultrasound to see how things are going.  We were so excited to find out that everything is looking better and the doctor believes that we will be able to get this resolved and fixed within the year!  We have at least one more surgery (possibly more) in the next few months, but to have a light at the end of this long dark tunnel we have been in is SO VERY wonderful!

Homestead Blogs By State

The folks over at Taylor-Made Homestead had the great idea of compiling a list of homestead blogs by state.  What a convenient way to go about it since homesteading varies greatly by region and climate!


We are very excited that Willow Creek Farm was included in the list.  Check it out by clicking here!

To Be Continued…

Our homestead is far from “the end” and so is this blog. However, the situation with our baby’s health has gone down hill and I just don’t have time to blog about our homesteading journey right now. I will be back…in a month…in a year…who knows?  But I will be back.  Until then…
To be continued…