Baby Rabbit Update – Week 4

The babies continue to grow and thrive.  They are weighing in this week at 1.5-1.75 lbs.  They are fully out of the nest box and stopped using it all together so we removed it from the cage.

Here are the pictures for this week, the little bunny wouldn’t stretch out like they usually do for the photo from above, probably because my husband couldn’t hold them in both hands like before because of his shoulder.  So it might look a little smaller bunched up, but they are definitely bigger.

103_0016 103_0017

Baby Rabbit Update – Week 3

Sorry I’m late in posting this – we have had illness working it’s way through the family and I have been either so busy taking care of the kids or so ill and tired myself that I haven’t even been able to think about blogging.  But I did get the photos taken on time, just not posted.

The bunnies are now hopping in and out of the nest box on their own.  They still choose to sleep in there all together as a big mass of fur.  Very cute!  They are starting to experiment with eating their mama’s pellets, nibbling on hay, and drinking from the water bottle.  They weigh between 1-1.5 lbs at this point.  And this is still the range of what I would consider the very cutest stage of baby bunnies.  They are so. incredibly. adorable.  The kids love holding and playing with them at this stage.


Champagne x Palomino 3 weeks old

103_0001 103_0003

Oh the Cuteness! Baby Rabbit Update – 2 Weeks

Ok, I warned you last week that they were just going to get cuter.  This week and next week are definitely prime bunny cuteness in my opinion.  This is the time when I get stuck in the barn just staring at the bunnies and after 30 minutes my husband comes looking for me wondering if I am ok because I had said I was just going to go check on something really quick.  I just can’t stop looking at them!  And holding them!  And petting them!  They are oh. so. darn. cute.

So we will start with the weekly size comparison from above.  We needed both hands this week, they are too big for one hand now.


2 week old Champagne x Palomino kit. Eyes open, ears up, brown fur.

OK, now for the cuteness pics:

102_9888 102_9889 102_9891 102_9892 They are absolutely adorable!

Now that I have gotten that out of my system (as if it is possible to get that out of your system!) I will list the facts for this stage.  Their eyes opened up between day 10 and today.  They are still fully in the nest box (but not for long!), which is good because it is cold here right now.  We got down to 6F last night.  So stay in the box babies!  Their fur is thickening and lightening a bit, though still darker towards the rear.  They still don’t have good motor skills and can’t hop or move with any purpose.

Now, if anyone is looking for me, tell them I’m in the barn, staring at the baby bunnies.  🙂

Baby Rabbit Update – 1 Week

It is so amazing how quickly the rabbits grow and change.  Here is the 1-week-old picture:


1 week old Champagne x Palomino
Eyes closed, brown fur, still darker toward the rear

The babies are still in the nest box all the time – unable to get out because they still only scoot around.  Their eyes are closed, but they do move around and try to explore.  Here is another pic taken while trying to get the above pic.  You can see how they move and sniff around trying to figure out what is going on.


I don’t think you are my mama, who are you?

Getting cuter!

Baby Rabbit Update – Day 2

Now that the chicks have reached 6 weeks of age, all of their changes will just be in size and it isn’t as interesting to follow their growth with pictures.

But, with the new litter of bunnies, I thought it would be fun to do the same thing with the baby rabbits to see how they change over the weeks.  So I will be posting a Baby Rabbit growth update once a week with pictures.

Here’s our first one, a two-day old Champagne (dam) Palomino (sire) cross, from our doe Arania and our buck Homer.  Eyes still closed, ears flat back, and not much fur.  All of the mixes we have done with Champagnes and Palominoes start out dark grey/black and end up brown.  You can already see the beginnings of brown coming in on the head – that was not there two days ago when they were born.  Baby bunnies change FAST.


Champagne x Palomino – 2 Days Old