Sunday Homestead Update – Pig Butchering

We don’t raise pigs at our farm, but we love a good barter and one of our fiber mill clients raises Mangalitza pigs. So we get two pigs each fall for our family. This last week we butchered the pigs and got all the meat put up for the winter. The hams are curing and today I will be rendering the lard. While I am not a big fan of butcher days, it is always nice to have food put up for the winter.


We don’t keep bucks at our farm, so our Nubian does go and spend time at the breeder’s farm for 4-6 weeks each year to get bred. We dropped them off this last week. We sure are going to miss having those sweet girls around, not to mention their milk! With the move and all we didn’t freeze any goat milk to get us through this time, so we will definitely be missing them.


The Muscovies are pretty much fully mature now and we are really enjoying the beautiful colors and markings they each have. We also have 2 Welsh Harlequins living with them.

Heritage Arts

I have started in on making Christmas presents. Since many of the people getting the presents follow the blog, I won’t get to share much with you. But Mr. Smiles is too little, so I can show you what I am making for him. I am making him another hoody. I am using the yarn Daniel made me from MacDougal’s 2020 fleece. This is the third time I have used this same pattern to make him a hoody, it is called “Latte Coat.” We love these so much that each time he outgrows one I make him another.

Speaking of MacDougal, his eye healed completely and he can see fine now. He continues to be such a sweet and friendly guy.

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