Read it Again

There are so many really great books on homesteading. We have built our collection over the years and have a constant wish list of ones we want to add. We use our public library regularly to access books as well. Often, the books we are adding to our wish list are ones we borrowed from the library and decided would be a good addition to our homestead library.

Now that we have moved to a completely new microclimate and new farm situation, we have been buried in books trying to learn ways to be successful in our new location.

First, we are reading some of our old favorites, with a new perspective. One of my all-time favorite books on raising chickens is Harvey Ussery’s “The Small-Scale Poultry Flock.”

I first read this book back in 2012 and it helped shape our methods for raising our chickens at our 3-acre mountain homestead. Now that we are living on 30 acres in the High Plains, I am seeing a lot of different methods that we can utilize in our new location that we couldn’t use previously. Re-reading the book with a new perspective, a new location, and 9 years later, makes it almost like reading it for the first time. I am excited to learn from a new angle.

“The Have-More Plan,” is another one of my favorites. Reading now with so much more space than we used to have is definitely making me see it with different eyes.

In addition to reading some of our old favorites, we are digging into some new ones we have never read before.

“Growing Food God’s Way,” by David Devine.

Growing Food God's Way: How Paul Gautschi Takes Us Back to Eden and Beyond by [David Devine, Joel Salatin, Paul Gautschi]

The challenges we are facing with gardening here are completely different than what we faced in the mountains. We generally use a combination of gardening methods, and now with new challenges we are anxious to learn new methods that might help us be successful as we work to overcome those things and have a productive garden.

We are also studying intensive grazing methods to bring life back to our pastures and land. The current book we are reading about that topic is “Managing Pasture” by Dale Strickler.

Managing Pasture: A Complete Guide to Building Healthy Pasture for Grass-Based Meat & Dairy Animals by [Dale Strickler]

I have also been expanding my fermenting knowledge and skills, and even though I am not a beginner fermenter, I am enjoying the basic and easy ideas in “Fermentation for Beginners” by Drake Press as I experiment with some new-to-us ferments.

Fermentation for Beginners: The Step-by-Step Guide to Fermentation and Probiotic Foods by [Drakes Press]

To see some of our favorite homesteading books check out our Homestead Library.

What is in your homestead library? What is your favorite homesteading book? Or what are you reading about homesteading right now? Please share down in the comments…we are always looking for another great homesteading book!

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