Sunday Homestead Update

We are definitely settled in at the new farm and while there is still craziness and busy-ness…it is the type that we always have, not the kind related to the move.


Our new Nubian doe arrived. She is taking some time to settle in, but overall is doing well.

She waits her turn while Belle is being milked, eating some grain while she waits. She is under-weight, so the extra grain ought to help get her back up to a healthy weight.

We are really enjoying having the new milking parlor. No flies, no kicked buckets, easy to keep clean, just the right space for our two stanchions…love it!

Heritage Arts

Little Miss has been growing like crazy during this whole move and we haven’t had a chance to make her any new skirts. We finally got around to it, and while we were at it we made a new one each for Sunshine and I too. It felt really nice to be at the sewing machine again!

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