Sunday Homestead Update: Weeds and Landscaping

Happy Independence Day! We are celebrating our first holiday since we settled in at the new farm. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were both consumed by the selling-the-house and moving stress, so this is really our first one settled. We are having fun making new memories in our new location.


Our current project continues to be weeding and landscaping the areas around the house.

The gravel areas have been neglected for years and thus there is a lot of weeding to do. We are trying to get it all done before they go to seed and dry out, which will just multiply our work in the future. One of the most troublesome weeds we are dealing with is what I think are referred to by a lot of people as “goat heads.” They are weeds that create these very prominent thorn seeds that get stuck in the bottom of your shoes, tires, and dogs’ feet (poor dogs!). So we are really wanting to remove all of those around the buildings so we can all walk in peace.

We have also done some pruning of the few trees we have. They are all more bushy than tree, but we are happy for whatever shade we can get and we are adding more and more trees. The ones that were here when we got here are, I believe, cottonwoods. They have a lot of dead branches and trunks mixed in with the live parts. And they have a lot of suckers at the base. We have been cutting out all the dead stuff.


Even though we don’t have time to get our big veggie garden up and going this year, we are still anxious to grow some food for ourselves. It has been such a part of our lives for so many years that it is hard to think about going without it. So we have continued adding on to the container garden as we find more containers in the junk around the farm and add them to the containers we already had growing and planted.

Each container has been planted, is sprouting, or has a growing plant in it. We have two types of squash, a tomato, a pepper, chives, valerian, comfrey, peas, strawberries, spinach, lilac, rhubarb, basil, rosemary, savory, cilantro, and thyme growing. We have also planted oregano, sage, lettuce, carrots, and some flowers. Next, I want to add nice gravel around the containers to clean up the area and keep the weeds down, and add a drip system to water it all.

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