Sunday Homestead Update – Deep Freeze

We are in a deep freeze.  We have been getting temperatures down to -15F at night, not including wind chill.  This morning, it was still -15 at barn chore time, and now, midday, it is -4F.  Brrrrrr, brrrrrr, brrrrr.

We have been staying indoors by the fires as much as possible, very busy with some indoor projects.  But there have also been some outdoor things that have needed to get done, so Mtn Man, and the boys have been bundling up and layering like crazy and working out in the cold.  We have made many cups of coffee, tea, and cocoa to warm them up.

We are also busy keeping the animals warm in the bitter cold, and making sure they have plenty of water.  I am so grateful we have such a great barn where we can leave them closed in on mornings like this morning.  It was -15 outside, but 15 inside the barn.  30 degrees is a lot of difference!  So we hauled water to them and kept them indoors.

Egg in a Frame

I have heard this breakfast called several things…egg in a frame, egg in a nest, etc.  It is my favorite breakfast.  Sweet Little Miss surprised me with a heart shaped one earlier this week.  Love it!


This is definitely not a good time to lamb, and we are grateful that Daisy is still holding those babies in where they are warm.  The official due dates for her (our best guess because we didn’t see her bred) and Freya (who we did see get bred) are this week, although it looks like Freya didn’t get pregnant.  She is showing absolutely no signs of pregnancy.  It is strange, because after that breeding she never came back into heat again.  She was with two other rams throughout the fall and we never saw them even show interest in her.  So it was clear that she was pregnant.  But now it looks like she isn’t.  Maybe she miscarried and we missed it?  Or maybe she doesn’t show it much?  This is our first year owning her, so she has never lambed with us before, although she has lambed twice in her life.  Not sure what will happen with that situation.

Daisy is continuing to have all the imminent, going-to-lamb-any-second, signs.  She is huge, HUGE, and getting bigger every day.  She grunts and groans whenever she moves.  She is standing super wide, and can’t squat to pee.  And, the sign that usually means less than two days…her udder is full and tight and dripping milk…and has been for 2 weeks now.  Which means we have to check often because the only sign left is for her to go off her feed and not all ewes do that before they birth.  We have had a couple that were eating, walked away from the food, laid down, and gave birth.  So there are really no more signs to help us know.  We are doing hourly checks during the day, and checking every 2-3 hours over night depending on the temperatures.  We really don’t want to lose a lamb to the bitter cold.  Hopefully, she will hold them in another day or two for the weather to warm up even slightly.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update – Deep Freeze

  1. I hope she waits! I don’t have sheep, but I do have goats and they call this the “doe code”. Because it seems like they wait until the most inopportune time and have them when you are not around. I wish you the best of luck getting through this cold weather.

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