Dairy Day

With all this milk being produced at the farm, we have had to come up with a schedule to be sure that nothing goes to waste and all the dairy products get made and used.  Back in May, when all the sheep and goats freshened, we decided that two days a week would be our dairy days.  On those days we gather all the jars of milk that have been put in the extra refrigerator since the last dairy day.

Each day, when we strain the milk, we put a lid on it and write the date on the lid.  Grey lids are for goat’s milk, and white for sheep.

Once we have brought it all to the kitchen we assess what we have and what we need as far as dairy products and cheeses go.  We decide which milk will be used for what – using the oldest first.  We make the dairy products and cheeses, and freeze any extra sheep milk if necessary.  Sheep milk is the only milk you can freeze and thaw and then still make cheese with.  Cow and goat milk can be frozen, but once it is thawed it can only be used as-is, it can’t then be made into cheese.  So we take that into consideration as we are decided what to make with what, knowing we can make stuff with the sheep milk later in the season after the sheep have been dried off and we have less milk and more time.

Then we wash all the jars, clean the dates off the lids, and put it all away to be used again.

Little Miss is my main dairy-day helper and the two of us have enjoyed spending two days each week working in the kitchen together making use of all this wonderful raw milk!

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