Bluebell’s Lambing – 2020

After Daisy’s traumatic birth, I was feeling a bit nervous about Blue’s upcoming delivery.  They were bred to different rams, but they are both first-time mothers and I was concerned that we could have another large single lamb get stuck.  Thankfully, there was no need for worry.

Blue was due on May 7th, but the week before we were noticing her symptoms were coming along at a rate that indicated she would be going early.  Monday morning, after a night of regular trips to the barn almost hourly to check on her, we went in at 6 am to find a lamb safely delivered and starting to try to stand.  We had checked her at 5 am and hadn’t seen any signs of labor…she snuck it up on us.  But we were so happy to have an uneventful delivery that it didn’t matter that we missed it.

She gave birth to a white ewe lamb.  She was vigorous and up and nursing pretty quickly.  Mama is attentive and bonding well.

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