Sunday Homestead Update – Snow, Snow, and Some More Snow

We had a completely dry January, and it is now making up for it in just the first week of February!  We had two different snow storms this week, dropping about a foot and a half total on us throughout the week, and there is apparently more on the way.

Today it is gently and quietly snowing.  The barnyard and chicken pens look deserted as all the animals are choosing to stay inside.  You can see our Silkie, Eve, peeking out the coop door at me in this pic.


I have GOT to get the gardens planned and my seeds ordered.  There have been so many other things keeping me very busy the last few weeks that I still haven’t gotten around to it.  I am setting my mind to it as my main goal this week and hope to have it done by my next homestead update.

We rotate our garden crops throughout the garden to help keep the soil as fertile as possible and decrease the pests.  So to plan the garden I first decide what is going where using a map I have made of the garden.  That helps me count up how many seeds I need and then I go to the seeds we still have stored and see how many we still have and figure out what we need to buy.  Lastly, I plan out my garden journal and when I will be planting what.

This year is a little different, because we will have our new second large veggie garden to use, so we will be able to plant almost twice as much!


The baby chicks moved up into the grow pen in the barn this week.  SO glad to have them out of the house.  They are adorable, but as they start to get feathers they create “chick dust” which is just super messy and gets on everything.  I am happy to have it out of the house and consolidated in the barn now.

They have both a heat lamp and their brooder for heat out in the grow pen.


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