Sunday Homestead Update – Medical Week

The last couple of days have been pretty warm, so we utilized the time to do a property clean-up.  We still have snow leftover from November, but haven’t really had any more fall since then.  A lot has melted, but the piles in the shadows remain, all covered with dirt.  But with most of the snow gone, and a tolerably warm day, we spent yesterday morning doing a property clean-up.  With all of us living and working on the farm, and all the projects we do, over time things tend not to get put away, the wind blows trash and mess around, and we just needed an overall tidying.  Everything looks and feels better now.  Just in time for a big snow storm coming our way.

There is not much to report this week as most of our week was full of Mr. Smiles’ medical appointments, tests, and issues.


We gave Pansy a copper bolus because the edges of her coat started turning brown again.


We used to do freezer meal making days every couple of months or so.  We would make around 30 meals in one day and then use them a few days each week.  But making time for that has alluded us the last year or so.  So what I try to do is make twice as much when I am making a freezable meal for dinner, and eat half and freeze the other half.  But even that I haven’t done much of lately.  So this week I set my mind to doing two meals that I could make and freeze extras…Shepherd’s Pie and Chili.  Glad to have some extras squirreled away for a rough day.  Will be doing more this week.

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