Sunday Homestead Update

These two sure know how to find the warmest spot to rest each day!  Morning fire and afternoon sun puddles.

We got some snow this last week, along with colder temps.  So we focused on indoor projects.

Going Through and Cleaning Out

Throughout my life I have seen people I care about being controlled by their stuff (material possessions).  The amount of stuff they have hangs over their heads constantly and it “controls” them and effects their decisions and relationships.  They are constantly burdened by the need to deal with their stuff and get it under control.  It makes me so sad, and I don’t like seeing them struggle with that issue.  Early on in life I decided I was never going to let my stuff have control.  As a child that meant that I went through and cleaned out my personal stuff and my personal space 1-2 times a year.  As an adult it means I go through my personal stuff, as well as the household stuff 1-2 times a year as well.  Going through and cleaning out means evaluating everything we have and deciding if we need to keep it and then getting rid of it if we don’t, and neatly organizing it if we are keeping it.

Sunshine, who is coming up on 15 years old now, shares my enjoyment of going through and cleaning out.  Over the years she has helped me more and more with it.  This year I am just totally shocked at how fast we can get it done when working together.  We are an efficient, well-oiled machine of going through and cleaning out.  🙂  You aren’t going to believe how much we have gotten done the last 2 weeks – while living our normal life too!

We have gone through and cleaned out:

  • The living room – game cabinet, bookshelves, blanket chest, video drawers.
  • The kitchen – all cabinets and drawers
  • The school room bookshelves (almost the whole room is shelves)
  • The dining room – hutch and china cabinet
  • 2 linen closets (one bathroom linens, one bedroom linens)
  • The laundry room shelves
  • The main bathroom – all cabinets and drawers
  • Mr. Smiles’ Stuff – clothes, toys, books, and closet
  • The closet under the stairs (that’s where all our snow gear is)
  • The root cellar/extra large pantry
  • The storage room
  • We have each done our own clothes and closets
  • Sunshine has done all her personal belongings in her bedroom

We have had a huge amount of items to take to the thrift store.  Probably about 8-10 kitchen size trash bags full.  It feels SO good to get rid of stuff we don’t need.  And then we know what we have, why we have it, and where it is.

What we hope to finish before Thursday:

  • My personal belongings in my bedroom
  • Our craft room (was done somewhat recently so should be fast and easy)
  • The den area
  • The mud room shelves
  • The master bathroom cabinets and drawers (might wait on this one until the shower remodel is done because this bathroom is currently a construction zone).

Once we complete those spaces, we will have gone through the ENTIRE house! (excluding everyone else’s personal belongings/spaces and clothing).  I have never been able to do a really thorough go-through of the entire house in one swoop like this.  Usually I do half of it in spring and half in the fall.  Having Sunshine helping me and her being older and pretty much able to do it on her own has made such a difference.  It was like having two of me.  And we both enjoy it very much so it is a happy, fun time of working together.


The sheep breeding season is moving along.  Remi has bred Autumn, and Fergus has bred Fiona.  We will be watching this week for Autumn to go back into heat.  If she doesn’t go back into heat then we know she got pregnant.  Fiona was just bred this last week, so we have a few weeks before we can confirm her pregnancy.  The younger ewe lambs haven’t gone into heat yet, they may or may not mature in time for this breeding season.  We are planning to leave the rams in with the girls until right before Christmas.

Heritage Arts

I am moving along, slowly but surely, on my Match Play poncho knit-a-long.  I really like how it is turning out.

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