Second Ever Weaving Project – Complete!

I have finished my second weaving project!  This time I used a kit from Gist Yarn.  It was the Beginner Cotton Towels Pattern by Sara Resnick, along with the yarn kit called “June” – although I felt like the kit colors are more autumn colors than summer, which is why I picked it.  All 5 towels are woven at once, then they are cut apart and hemmed.

Considering my first project was just one dish towel, this project ended up a lot longer than my previous one.

Another big difference between the projects was that this one used 8/4 yarn, instead of 8/2.  8/4 is quite a bit thicker, so the finished towels are much thicker.  I definitely like the feel of the 8/4 thickness towels than the 8/2.  So I plan to do more 8/4 in the future.

Once I got the fabric washed, it was time to cut them apart.  But I was terrified of fraying and coming unwoven on the ends, so i zigzag stitched the ends of each towel before I cut it apart.

I am glad I did, because they did try to fray at the cut places.  Then I ironed the hems into the position I wanted them and used my sewing machine, with the walking foot attachment, to hem them.  They were supposed to be hand-sewn, but I really didn’t have time for that.  The walking foot seemed to help with the bulk so it didn’t get all pushed to one end.

When opened, the towels have stripes on both sides.  The colors get washed out a bit in the photos because of the color of the floor, but I didn’t notice that until I had already uploaded the photos…so here you go.  The colors are better in real life.

When folded, you can’t see the stripes, but they still look nice.

Since I used the red as the warp, I only had a very small amount of it left for the weft.  So only one towel had a red stripe.  I decided to make that one longer, since I had some extra fabric length, and keep it for myself.  The other 4 towels are split into sets of 2 and will be Christmas presents this year.

Overall, a very successful project.  And I learned what I like and don’t like.  I like the thicker 8/4 yarn, and I don’t like hemming.  So I will stick with tassel ends on the future dish towels and make them with the thicker yarn.

I haven’t decided what my next project on the loom will be yet.  I have a lot of yarn left from the first dish towel I made.  So I will likely warp that up and make a few more towels of that color and design.

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