New Dairy Flock at WCF

We have dreamed of having dairy sheep for several years now, and we are excited that the dream is finally coming true.

A few weeks ago we added Autumn, an 18-month-old East Friesian/Lacaune Mix ewe.  She lambed this year, so next year will be her second year to lamb.

Then this week we added 4 more dairy sheep to the flock.  They are all 5-month-old lambs.

Remi is a white East Friesian/Lacaune/Polypay mix ram.  He is very sweet and friendly.

Daisy is a white East Friesian/Lacaune/Polypay mix ewe.  She is shy but not skittish.

Bluebell is a white East Friesian/Cotswold mix ewe.  She is the twin sister of Marigold.  She is curious and friendly.  Definitely the matriarch of the group of lambs.

Marigold is a black East Friesian/Cotswold mix ewe; the twin sister of Bluebell.  She is very skittish and has a lot of spunk.

They are working on settling into the flock.  The rams are living together in the back pen until breeding.  Fergus seems very happy to have a new friend, since he had been living alone since April.

The ewe lambs are not used to having an LGD, and Anya has been a bit rambunctious with them, which we are working on fixing.  So they keep a close eye on her, as in these pictures.

They also have not seen chickens or cats before, they are very curious about the small creatures living with them.

We are working on getting to know them and making them more friendly.  Come spring we will begin lambing out and milking these pretty girls.  That will be a fun adventure!

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