Garlic Harvest 2019 -Part 1

We have dabbled with growing garlic over the years, but never really got serious until last year. Last fall, we carefully chose two specific hardneck varieties of garlic and ordered them from Filaree Garlic Farm. We planted one pound of each in the fall and anxiously waited to see how it would go.

Premium Northern White

The first variety is a porcelain variety that is reportedly one of the most cold-hardy ever. We figured that would be good for our cold climate and short growing season. It is also supposed to be a good storing variety as well as have good flavor similar to the rocambole varieties. Most bulbs contain 4 large cloves each.

We noticed clearly in the spring that this variety sprouted much earlier than the Spanish Roja. And they were done a little earlier this fall. From our 1 lb. of seed cloves we harvested 3.75 lbs. of garlic.

Spanish Roja

We chose this variety for its flavor. It is a rocambole variety and thus should have a rich, typical garlic flavor. It doesn’t store as long as the porcelain varieties, but it produced better for us than the Premium Northern White did. From 1 lb planted we harvested 5 lbs of bulbs.

I set aside the largest and best 2 lbs of each variety for replanting this fall. The rest are on the root cellar storage racks waiting to be enjoyed by our family over the next several months.

Later this winter I will post part 2, after we have had time to see how well they store and what we think of their different flavors.

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