Sunday Homestead Update

Summer is in full swing here on the homestead.  Hot days…cool mountain evenings…we are all enjoying everything summer.

As we work around the homestead we continue to come up with new ideas and plans for future projects to grow and improve the homestead.  Sunshine is dreaming of a pond…Mtn Man is eager for an orchard…Braveheart wants ducks…I am picturing the potential for more fruits and a berry garden area…Little Miss can’t wait for her goat to have kids next spring and have higher milk production…and Young Man is contemplating wind power.

But as we dream, we also are enjoying and soaking in what we already have here, and are working hard to make it as efficient and productive as possible.


The lambs are growing and growing.  They spend a lot of time eating at the creep feeder where their mamas can’t steal all the good food.


The garden is finally starting to look like a garden after a very cold non-existent spring season.  Things are flowering and fruiting, and we are beginning to harvest more items.

I am very excited that our medicinal herb garden is really starting to get going now, after two years of trying.  It still needs more time, but I think it will eventually be beautiful and productive.

The wild raspberries that we transplanted from a local property two years ago have flowers on them!  Our experimental transplant might just work!

The strawberry harvest has started!

We have all been enjoying eating them fresh from the garden – I don’t think any have made it into the house yet.  🙂


The Pick No More is working very well.  It has only been a few weeks and we are already seeing huge differences in the chickens.  But it has kind of worn off, so we needed to re-apply it.  We also needed to band and identify the pullets for our breeding program and clip their wings.  Mtn Man and I were busy with Mr. Smiles’ medical stuff, so the middle three children, Sunshine (14), Little Miss (12), and Braveheart (11) decided they could tackle the job on their own without us.  Afterall, they had seen us do it and helped us do it many many times.  They did an excellent job, and even more important…not one of them ended up dyed purple (from the pick no more)!  Not having my children or their clothing dyed is very helpful to this mama.  🙂  But really, they did a great job with the birds and got the project completed, which was a huge help to us.  I wrote about homesteading with our kids here, here, and here if you would like to read more about how we include them and have raised them on the homestead.

So now the chickens have a fresh application of Pick No More, and they are all banded, wings clipped, and my breeding flock ID paperwork is caught up with all the new breeding pullets’ information.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. We too are smack-dab in the middle of summer. But for me, most of my dreaming is done outside wishing I was in the air conditioning! We’ve got some tremendous watermelon, cantaloupe, okra, and bell peppers enjoying the summer heat though and looking forward to their maturity. I’ve never had much luck with strawberries, but our blackberry and blueberry plants have flourished this year with all the rain we’ve had. Keep dreaming!!

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  2. How nice that you can grow native raspberries. I would like to grow our native blackberries, but I do not know how they compare to garden varieties. Supposedly, ‘Ben Lomond’ is a hybrid between another garden variety and a native. The blackberries that I have gotten for the past many years were from the Himalayan bramble. They are too variable, and horrid to harvest. I only take them because there are so many out and and about.

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