Sunday Homestead Update

I can’t get my computer to upload photos this week.  So it will be a brief SHU without any photos.


Pansy is starting to show a difference in her coat from the copper bolus we gave her a few weeks ago.  The goat is Little Miss’ “niche” on the farm.  It is her goat, she milks her, she makes the dairy products, and handles all the goat related learning and care.  Little Miss had noticed Pansy’s coat was dull, had some brown tips, and was starting to get some bald and thin spots.  We learned she was copper deficient and gave her a copper bolus and it is nice to see her already improving.  Her coat is shiny, the brown is gone, and the thin and bald areas are filling in.  Little Miss is brushing her each day to help her skin and coat and is very happy with the improvements in her goat.


The lambs are 5 weeks old now – hard to believe!  They are growing beautifully and doing very well.  Such a blessing after the rough start we had with the twins.


The cold weather we had this spring continues to effect the garden as everything is three weeks behind our usual schedule.  Three weeks might not sound like a big deal, but our growing season frost to frost is only about 10-12 weeks.  So we are looking at somewhere between 1/4-1/3 of our growing season lost.  That is a big deal.  We are hoping and praying that we have a late first frost this fall so that we can harvest from the garden before it freezes.

But, in good gardening news, we harvested garlic scapes this week.  It is our first time with successful garlic and we were very excited to get to harvest the scapes and eat them.  We tossed them in a bag with olive oil and salt and then put them under the broiler in the over for a bit.  They were delicious!  We all enjoyed them as a snack several different days.  What a fun early season treat from the garden!

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