Sunday Homestead Update (a day late)

Sorry, we are a day late, and there aren’t pictures…living life has used up every second the last few days and I just couldn’t get around to blogging and photos about living life.

We had some snow earlier last week, but then the warm weather finally arrived!

Here’s a shout out to all the people dealing with wet, mucky, muddy barnyards right now.  Ah yes, the spring barnyard muck.  Put on your rubber boots or else.  Not great for the livestock’s feet.  Seems to never dry up.

The good news is that our barnyard is on a mountainside, so it is quite a slope.  Therefore we do have dry places in it and the critters choose those spots to hang out.  I feel bad for those of you who have completely flat barnyards and the entire thing is a soupy mess with your critters up to their knees.


The biggest news this week was that both our ewes gave birth to their lambs.  I posted Fiona’s story on Friday, you can read it here. She and her ram lamb, who the kids named “Avalanche” are both doing well.

Rose gave birth Saturday afternoon and it was quite a complicated delivery that I do not want to repeat again.  I will post that story for you all tomorrow.

And I promise, photos of lambs will be coming as soon as I can get to it.


Saturday we did some chicken sorting.  We went through the entire group of hens (and the rooster) and clipped their nails, dusted the ones that had lice (need to repeat in 10 days, we had several with bad lice), clipped their wings, and tried to figure out who is laying and who is not because we need to cull some of them to make space for the up and coming pullets.

Then we went through the 14-week-old chicks and found 8 cockerels that were already large enough for butchering.  That was nice because it made some space in the chicken pens, and is putting some meat in the freezer – we ran out of last year’s chicken meat about a month ago.  The meat is in the brine for a few days before we freeze it.


We are, theoretically, past our last frost of the season now.  So we worked on getting more seedlings into the garden, and we planted all the bush bean and shelling bean seeds as well.  We did a bunch of weeding too and got the garden all cleaned up.

Heritage Arts

I finished one of my cardigan sleeves and I am working on the other.  The cold weather meant more knitting because we were stuck inside.  Glad I got as much done as I did before the warm finally hit.  Knitting will not be happening as often with the Summer work outdoors.

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