Sunday Homestead Update

We had 4 days of freezing snowy weather last week… and snow is headed our way again this week.  Grrrr.

It is strange to see snow with all the green grass and plants.  The weather feels like late fall, but the green makes me double-take because in late fall it is brown.

This is SUCH a late spring for us…we are very ready for it to warm up.


The garden is doing well.  We lost a few transplants out in the garden, but I had some extras indoors that we put out.

We waited for after the snow to put in some more seedlings from inside that normally go out over 2 weeks ago.


Last week we made 100 deviled eggs for a relative’s graduation party.  We haven’t bought eggs at the store in 7 years.  So when I opened the boxes of eggs for the party I was somewhat startled.

It was so…..sterile.  Uniform.  Dead.  Very unappealing to me.  And shocking.

This is what I see when I open my carton of eggs from the farm:

Different sizes, different shades, different shell thicknesses….they feel so – alive!  It made me so grateful that we are able to keep chickens and have fresh eggs.  Even if you can only have a couple chickens in a tiny backyard coop – I strongly recommend doing it.  They are so worth it!


Man-oh-man our ewes are huge and ready to pop.  This picture the lamb looks to be laying next to the sheep…still inside of her.

Their official due dates are this Tuesday and Thursday.  We should have lambs by next Sunday Homestead Update.  We have had a few “false alarms” and have spent a lot of time checking on them in their jugs at night.  This evening one of our barn cats was keeping them company.

Looking forward to some babies in the barnyard.

Heritage Arts

I finished my waffle socks.  I did the inside-out soles again for my silly sensitive feet.  I am very happy with how these turned out and look forward to wearing them.


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