Sunday Homestead Update – on Monday

We have spent a chunk of this last week buried in spring snow…AGAIN.  Last year we had very little spring snow, and it is clearly making up for it this year with a lot of extra spring snow.  I am very ready for the snow to be done and for us to move on to warmer weather.

Mr. Smiles had another surgery last week.  It was on a different issue than what we have been dealing with all this time that I talked about a month ago.  This surgery has been waiting for the other issues to get dealt with before we could do it.  This is his third surgery in 3 months, and his 11th surgery overall.  😦  The surgery went well, but unfortunately, he has been having a rough time recovering so we have spent a lot of this last week trying to comfort and help him, and going to doctors appointments.  We have tried to squeeze in some small projects around the homestead here and there, but mostly have been holding a crying 3-year-old this week.


The chickens are all doing well and settling into their new housing after last weeks shuffle around of birds.

The bantams are doing fine with Eve and her three chicks.  Eve is the matriarch, so we knew the others wouldn’t bother her new babies.

The mama hen pen is getting crowded with all the teenage birds, but there is really nowhere else for them to go so they will just have to deal with it until we butcher in a few weeks.  That will bring their numbers down and fix the overcrowding.  I keep reminding myself that the crowding is nothing compared to what most chickens live in, it just feels crowded because our birds usually have SO much extra space.

After this last cold snap we removed the heaters from the 5 week olds’ pen.  They have enough feathers now they don’t need the supplemental heat.

We have a feather picker in with the hens that is balding everyone.  We don’t know which one it is.  So I took the two worst pecked hens and put them in one of the rooster pens for now to heal up.  Don’t know how to fix this problem and figure out who is doing it.  They are even balding the rooster’s neck.


Rose continues to grow larger and larger.  Still not sure whether she is due at the end of May as expected, or if she got bred on the earlier cycle, which would put her due today.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, that is one very pregnant sheep.

Fiona is showing all her usual 2-weeks-from-delivery symptoms, which puts her exactly where we expected her to be due.

Heritage Arts

Sunshine made me these wonderful kitchen hand towels for Mother’s day.  I love this type of towel, they are so handy to hook on to the handles of the fridge and oven and don’t “walk away” like draped towels tend to do around here.

She and I have also been working on a t-shirt quilt for my niece who is graduating in a few weeks.  I have saved t-shirts from my own kids to make them when they graduate and thought this would be a good chance to try my hand at it.  I am SO glad I have had Sunshine’s help.  She has been doing a lot of quilting the last year and has gained a lot of skills and they are coming in very handy with this very difficult to piece quilt.  It is turning out really wonderfully despite how difficult it has been and I am sure it will be very appreciated.

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