Sunday Homestead Update

Spring is such a full time on the farm.  It is the season for hatching, brooding, seed starting, garden prep, shearing, lambing, milking, kidding, vaccinating, de-worming, and spring cleaning.  It is a time that to me feels invigorating and productive.  I am ready to shake off the sleepiness of a long dark winter and get out in the sun and fresh air and work hard.  Our bodies are already in the spring sore phase as we have been out working on the garden and shearing.  But it is a good feeling of sore.  A strengthening of our muscles for the upcoming summer and fall seasons, which are very physically taxing seasons.

Spring also means crazy weather.  We have some days that are sunny and 60F, and then the next day we will have a foot of heavy, wet snow and be in the teens at night.

The Flerd

We finished shearing and preparing the fleece for processing.  We have re-jacketed Fergus and Fiona, but haven’t gotten to Rose quite yet.  We will remove the ewes jackets before lambing.  We don’t want the jackets in the way of the lambs nursing and such.  During shearing it was very clear that the girls are indeed pregnant.  We are looking forward to the arrival of adorable lambs at the end of May.  Meanwhile, it is time to switch their feeding program to help their bodies during the end of pregnancy, and to vaccinate them.

Pansy has continued to settle in with the farm.  Her milk production has stabilized as high as I think it will get for us this year.  The stress of the move definitely decreased it.  But we are happy to have some fresh goats’ milk at our farm again.

Heritage Arts

I finished my lace shawl!  It is very exciting because this is my first lace project, and because it has been sitting on the needles for a year now constantly being put off for more imminent projects.  The yarn is oh-so-soft and lovely.

Little Miss and Sunshine are constantly making as many projects as I do, but I don’t often get around to photographing them and putting them on the blog.  I am trying to change that and include more of their beautiful work too.

Little Miss loves to draw and color, so this week she made herself this cute roll-up case to hold her colored pencils.

Sunshine is really enjoying quilting more and more these days.  Right now she is working on a table runner that has sunflowers on it (her favorite flower).  She has one of the squares completed so far.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. I sit here full from supper and sore from two days of finer weather and spending as much as possible outside working in the yard and garden, using older twine to lay down the lines for new garden paths, pruning, and more pruning, clearing and such.. chores inbetween, and lots of hot cups of coffee.. I am doing my best to follow the rules laid down by the doc on what I can and can’t do.. I am finding ways around the rules LOL while still keeping to them.. I am giving though to a jacket for my favorite wool sheep, I love her wool so much.. I am such a poor shearer I just do not know if I will ever do it well enough.. but I keep learning. your shawl looks lovely and the projects from the littles are wonderful!

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    • You will need 2-3 jackets for one sheep because the size changes as the wool grows. If you use the same size the whole time they will get rub wounds on their legs from the straps and the wool will felt under the jacket and get ruined. So you change them out as they “grow” in size with their wool. They are high-maintenance, but they really do make a difference for the wool. They prevent staining, fading, and keep out SO much vegetable matter. The resulting fleece is in much better condition. We tried one year without them because we were tired of the extra maintenance, and we learned that year that it was really worth it for us to use the jackets.

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