Sunday Homestead Update

We have had a full week here at the homestead.  Our basement has been unfinished since we tore it all out after the 2013 floods damaged it.  We are finally finishing it and it looks so great!  We have been working on it evenings and weekends for a couple weeks now.  We are almost done, just the flooring left.  Hoping to finish that up by next weekend.

We also got the lights installed under the new loft in the barn.  So we can see well in the lambing jugs and stalls now.


The new chicks are doing great!

We picked up the 7 cockerel chicks this last week.  We purchased them with the plan to keep the best one to be a breeding cockerel next year and add to our genetic diversity.  While picking them up, Mountain Man couldn’t resist and threw in three pullet chicks too.  One Blue Wyandotte (I love Wyandottes and I love the blue colored birds, but don’t have a Blue Wyandotte in my flock yet, so I was particularly pleased with this addition), one Speckled Sussex (we have never had these and he wanted to try one out), and one Easter Egger to replace the EE we lost to a bobcat in December (hoping she lays green eggs).  So we now have 44 chicks.  They outgrew the brooder bins, so Mtn Man built them a brooder in the mud room they can live in for the next few weeks without outgrowing it until they move to the barn.

We had to add a heat lamp to the set up because the mud room is very cold and the brooders wouldn’t have been enough heat. Plus with forty-four 2-week-old chicks, the two ecoglow 20s are not enough for them all to fit well.

The cold weather and snow and sleet we have been having for a couple of weeks now has made the chickens choose to spend more time in the upper coop…which means it gets a lot messier a lot faster.  Plus the chickens have been damp because of the weather and that gets tracked into the coop too.  So it was in desperate need of a full clean-out.  We got that done and now they are enjoying a nice coop with clean, dry shavings.  And the compost pile just got a lot bigger from what we cleaned out.

Heritage Arts

I finished another project using Fergus’ 2018 fleece.  The sweater I showed you last week used up all the worsted weight yarn Mtn Man made with the fleece.  But he also made me some fingering weight yarn with it.  So I used some of the fingering weight to make these socks for Young Man.  More projects knit from yarn from a fleece from a sheep born right here on our farm – SO fun!

Last fall I re-made the bag on a framed standing knitting bag for myself so that it was more my style.

The girls loved it and wanted me to make them each one too.  So this week I made one for Little Miss.  This is the fabric it had before:

And here it is now:

The coloring didn’t turn out true in the photos.  But it is very pretty.


We have new livestock joining (or really re-joining) the farm this next week.  Any guesses what it/they might be?

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