Sunday Homestead Update

Rough week here, with a combination of the flu in two family members, food poisoning for one, and another procedure and hospitalization for the littlest.  It has been rough.  Looking forward to a week with nothing to do but work around the home and farm and continue taking care of the kiddos who are not feeling well.  No appointments, no leaving the house, just hunkering down and trying to rest and heal while the snow flies outside.


This week is hatching week!  It always amazes me that in 21 short days an egg with a white and a yolk becomes a breathing, walking, cheeping fuzz ball chick.  Such a cool miracle.  Friday is our official hatch day if everything goes as planned.  We have 52 live eggs left in the incubators, and Tuesday we will do our day 18 lock-down and humidity increase.

Heritage Arts

Anyone with experience watching toddlers grow knows that a piece of clothing will fit well one minute and the next minute it doesn’t.  This last week I put Mr. Smiles’ little knit coat on him, the one I made him a couple of years ago…

…and all of a sudden the sleeves are halfway between his wrists and elbows.  It is definitely time for a new one.  We got so much use out of this little coat.  The pattern was Latte Baby Coat and it was a fun knit, but it was even more fun to use.  It was just the right weight for being out on the homestead on the crisp days of spring and fall.  And it also was nice for going in the car in the winter because it wasn’t too bulky to make the baby’s carseat unsafe, but gave him an extra layer of warmth in the cold car.

I liked it so much I decided to make him another one of a bigger size.  So I started on that this week.  I am using yarn Mtn Man made for me in the mill that is from our ram, Fergus’ 2018 fleece blended with a little bamboo.

I am really happy with how it is feeling at this point.  I think it will be soft and comfortable for Mr. Smiles, and just the right warmth.  Fergus’ fleece has so much spring to it, and this yarn does as well.  The one downfall is that it is hand wash only, and I generally avoid that in items for little kids.  But I have a front load washer with a hand wash cycle that I use often to wash everyone’s hand knit socks, so throwing this jacket in that load as needed will not add any extra work to my life.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. Thought: If it is just his arms growing so fast, why not stop at short sleeves and just let him wear long sleeve shirts underneath? My grandson has the same issue. I even created one with cut off long sleeves and velcro attachments. I put an extra cover over the velcro to keep it off his skin (just tacked in place for easy removal/switch out). When he gets long in the arm, I can just find another old long sleeve shirt and switch out. Our local Goodwill had tons of them and really cheap so I can cut them up without worrying about the cost.

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