Garden Review 2018

We had an AMAZING garden experience this year!  More bountiful by far than previous years, which we had felt were very bountiful themselves.  Gardening is one of my favorite parts of homesteading.  It is very satisfying to grow your own food.  You put in all the hard work and hope in the spring, tend it through the summer, and then more hard work of harvesting and putting it up and seeing your dreams come to fruition.  Then all winter you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors!  It is a beautiful cycle.

Harvest Stats for 2018

We kept good garden records this year, but as always, there were a few things I didn’t get around to weighing properly.  Sunshine was completely in charge of the kitchen herb garden this year, and so for the first time ever we have measurements on the kitchen herb harvest, which is fun.  She measured the fresh weight, and then hung them to dry, ground them up, and measured the dry weight to see what the differences were.  Some was used fresh, but not much, so some of the dried weights are not exactly the amount that started out as the fresh weight.

Some items were weighed, others I just give a general amount based on our usage (plenty, very good, good, pretty good, poor).


This year I didn’t do very well at seed saving and our seed order next year will be much bigger because of that.  But I did save from tomatoes, drying beans, and a friend’s cucumber.  I also saved from a volunteer sunflower that a mouse must have planted for us from the bird feeders.


  • Basil – 237.9g fresh  27.5g dried
  • Drying Beans – 1.8 lbs dried beans
  • Garden Beans – 26.75 lbs
  • Cabbage – 55 lbs
  • Cabbage Sprouts – 3 lbs
  • Carrot – 26 lbs
  • Celery – didn’t weigh, but more than previous years, so I am guessing 10 lbs
  • Cilantro – .4g seeds
  • Comfrey – 60g fresh
  • Dill – over 45 fresh flower heads (for our pickles) and 40g dried leftover, 43g dried greens
  • Grapes – forgot to weigh, but a lot more than before, so I am guessing around 5 lbs
  • Lettuce – watering issues, not as good as previous years, but fresh salad at least 1-2 times a week all summer
  • Marjoram – 81.6g fresh, 13.8g dried
  • Onions – 42.75 lbs
  • Oregano – 63g fresh, 12.9g dried
  • Pea (sweet) – forgot to weigh, but a LOT more than last year, so I am guessing 12+ lbs
  • Pea (snap) – plenty for fresh eating!
  • Peppers – didn’t weigh, but got a good amount considering we have never gotten any to grow before
  • Rhubarb – Plenty
  • Rosemary – 13.3g fresh, 2.7g dried
  • Sage – 437.5g fresh, 62.3g dried
  • Savory – 10.3g fresh, 1.5g dried
  • Spinach – watering issues, not very much at all 😦
  • Thyme – 113.1g fresh, 17.1g dried
  • Winter Squash – didn’t weigh, but only got two pathetically small ones
  • Strawberries – Forgot to weigh, but about the same as last year, over 5 lbs. 🙂
  • Tomatoes – 306 lbs !!!!!
  • Zuccini – didn’t weigh, but only a few small ones
  • Berry Bushes – Crandall Clove Current: nothing at all, Red Currant – pretty good, Gooseberries – very good


For a grand total of over 490 lbs of produce!!!  A new record high for Willow Creek Farm, and quite substantial for the 500 square feet of planting space that it was growing in.  🙂  What a blessing!

Our previous record high was 314 lbs…so that is a huge jump!  To read previous year’s reviews, click the following links:

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Didn’t do one in 2016, just included basics in year-end homestead review

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Next Year’s Garden Plans

  • Plant fall garlic after adding more compost to bring the depth of the new onion/garlic bed up. (Technically plans for this year still, but it is for next year’s garden).
  • Continue with our plan to build up the garden boxes so they are deeper and add more compost.  We will do another section next spring.
  • Finish the retaining wall between the new onion/garlic bed and the vegetable garden.
  • Continue to help the 2 apple trees get established.
  • Add more compost to the new Apple Garden to bring the level up and plant medicinal perennial seeds this fall to establish the medicinal herb garden.
  • Everything else the same, adding a layer of compost and rotating crops around the garden.

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