Homemade Christmas Presents

Each year the seven of us make homemade Christmas presents for each other.  Well, I guess technically six of us make homemade gifts for all seven, since Mr. Smiles isn’t quite up to the task yet at just 2 years old ;-).  Occasionally someone decides to buy a present if they see something they really think fits, but for the most part they are homemade.  So this post is to show off all the wonderful homemade presents from this year!

It was a year of sock-giving for me, I knit socks for Young Man, Sunshine, Braveheart, and Mtn Man…

For Mr. Smiles I made this sweater:

And for Little Miss and Sunshine I made Balaclavas:

Young Man (14) made this wooden doll cradle:

He also found a hatchet head on our property that was in good condition, but the handle was broken.  So he made a new handle and gave it to Mtn. Man.

Sunshine (12) made these gifts:

Crochet tea set

Sunshine leathercrafted this dog collar for Mtn Man’s dog, Finley.

Wooden/antler/leather toy dagger and sheath for Braveheart.

Gingham Embroidery bookmark

Flannel doll PJs

Flannel PJ pants

Knit hat for Mr. Smiles

She also has a huge bin of all sorts of lego pieces gathered from different sets over the years.  She took the pieces and built a couple of cool vehicles out of them, and then made them into custom lego kits to give to Young Man.  She made the boxes, and they even have directions just like a real lego kit.  I thought this was such a great idea of a way to reuse something she didn’t need anymore and make it into a cool “new” toy.

And she made these cute cat toys for her pet cats, she even filled them with catnip.

Little Miss (10) made these gifts:

Hot pads/mits

Sewing machine cover

Crochet pear and snail. Snail can go inside of pear.

Knit crab

Crochet winged dragon

Crocheted puzzle ball for Mr. Smiles

Braveheart (9) made these:

Wooden toy sword with leather wrapped handle

American Flag rug hook wall hanging (need to frame it)

Everyone had so much fun thinking up great ideas for gifts for one another, and then hand-making them.  And then we all enjoyed getting all the wonderful gifts too!

In addition to the homemade gifts, there were a few store-bought that are homestead related…

We can never seem to have enough books, so books are always appreciated.

And knitting and crochet goodies…you will see these yarns in future projects, using the new hooks and needles!

I have already started knitting my gauge swatch for the project I will be making with that oh-so-soft dark purple merino/silk.

We had a fun Christmas season putting all these gifts together and it all ended beautifully with a wonderful Christmas Day together as a family.  I hope you had a meaningful day as well.  Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas Presents

  1. These are wonderful gifts. So much talent. And you are an awesome mom to teach them such rare skills. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


  2. Wow…I a very impressed! You and your family are very crafty and talented. I especially liked the socks and the new (old) hatchet! I pray you and yours have a very wonderful New Year.


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