Sunday Homestead Update

Can you believe it is August!?  Where did July go?  Actually, July felt long, and short to us.  Long days, short month.  That is life – long days, short years.

We had a very chilly day this week for August, it didn’t get above 60F, and the night was cold, which was surprising.  But then it went back up to warmer again.  We continue to get a lot of rain.  We are digging ditches and trying to divert the water to keep another flood from happening as happened last week.  We are still deciding what to do about the barn flooring.  Paving stones definitely seem like the ideal option, just not sure if we can pull it off right now or not.


The garden continues to be the main topic of conversation this time of year.  It is doing beautifully and we continue to harvest from it.  Here is a picture comparison of the garden now, compared to earlier in the year.

The carrot harvest has started.  We tried a new variety this year and were not happy with it compared to the variety we did last year.  It did not germinate as well, several of the plants went to seed even though it is their first year, the carrots seem to go from under-ripe to over-ripe very quickly which makes harvesting timing hard, and they have very deep cracks in them that are hard to clean out.  So we will not be doing Royal Chantenay next year and will instead go back to St. Valery, which we love.   But nonetheless, we are harvesting them and enjoying eating them fresh as well as freezing them for the winter.

Carrot section of the garden, with celery in the front of the photo

The tomato plants are huge and there are a lot of green tomatoes on them and growing.

The peas are growing really well this year, which has not been the case previous years.  We have been eating them fresh so much and enjoying them that way that we have not been able to put any away for the winter.

The herbs are doing well both in the main garden and in the container herb garden.

We have tons of purple beans and purple bean flowers on, and the shelling beans climbing up the new arch and doing great as well.  We are discussing adding another arch or two next year.

A wonderful bountiful garden this year!

We had the opportunity to harvest some crabapples and are going to make them into jelly.  My favorite flavor of jelly by far!

We took 8 different veggie entries to the fair this year and did quite well with them – got a couple first places, a second, and a couple third…happy with that!  The kids’ 4H projects did very well at fair and will compete at state.  And we also entered a few items in the open class and we got several ribbons from those.  Overall an excellent County Fair experience this year.


I finished the “fast project” pair of striped socks that I started after my sweater.  I am really happy with how they turned out.  The self-striping yarn almost matched itself perfectly from one skein to the other.


The roosters are settling pretty well with the hens, although we have had some trouble with one of them trying to get aggressive with us humans.  If that continues it will be easy to choose which one will be our breeding roo – we don’t keep aggressive roosters.

I will leave you with a couple of cute pictures…first, our indoor kitty watching our barn cat through the window.

And Anya, our year-old LGD, laying on top of the compost pile looking oh-so-cute.  This continues to be her favorite game during our training sessions lately – she gets on top of the pile, digs, rolls down the side, repeats it, and then eventually just lays on top.  With her face like that she looks very puppy-ish to me.  It is sometimes hard to remind myself she is still a puppy since she is over 85 lbs now.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. A little FYI tip we just learned. Had some old goat water tanks that leaked so decided to use as a raised bed. Nice idea but done wrong. After we got it up and tomatoes planted they started to die? Planted same stuff same way in wooden beds n no problem. Well we did some research and found that the metal leaks zinc into the soil…killed our plants. So now we have to empty them. Paint and sael them then they should be OK to go. Just wanted to share our bits😁😁

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  2. i love watching gardens growing. My little garden is giving lots of green tomatoes. We had fried green tomatoes with dinner last week, and still had plenty once the rest ripened fully. i need to keep a case of jars on hand so when i get enough to can I have all the stuff to get it done quickly.


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