Barn Flood

What started out as a rainstorm the other day turned into a gully-washer.  The rain was coming down so fast and hard that the gutters couldn’t even hold it and there were waterfalls coming off every roof.  Add to that the fact that we live on a mountainside, and thus all the water up the mountain was coming at us.  We ended up with flooding in the barn and in the mud room in our house.

None of the animals were harmed – we got up to the barn in time to find the mama hen and baby chicks standing in 2 inches of rising water, and we quickly moved them to “higher ground.”  Thankfully, all our hay is up in lofts, so it didn’t get damaged either.  But we had about 6 inches of standing water in the barn at the high point of it all.  And about 3 inches of water in our mud room.

During the chaos I was too busy trying to deal with everything to take pics, but as everything started receding I got some photos.

That dog crate is up on 2x4s, and the wood floor under the 2x4s has 2×4 framing under it sitting on the dirt ground…so you have some perspective.


You can see the water line on the walls.

The mud room floor is tile, and we were able to vacuum the water out quickly with a shop vac, so there wasn’t damage there, just some water marks to parts of the walls.

The stalls are just dirt floor, and then there are sections of the barn floor that are cement paving stones, and sections that are wood flooring.  5 years of hay has been falling through the cracks in the wood floor, so we had to rip up all that floor in order to clean out all the wet hay and prevent mold.

It took hours to get everything dealt with and start the drying process.

We are now deciding what to do with the barn floor…leave it dirt, put down the wood again (which would be very difficult), or get paving stones and do the whole floor in paving stones.

5 thoughts on “Barn Flood

  1. Wow… yeah, that was some downpour. We got hail as well before the rain started. I’m not there yet as far as our barn goes, but sounds like paving stones is the way to go for ease of cleaning (less mud and less issues with hay falling through the cracks). Probably more expensive outlay, but sounds like it might pay off in the end. Wishing you and yours well.

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  2. Holy cow! You must have had a lot of rain all at once! So sorry you had to go through all that, but it looks like you dodged a bullet and didn’t have too much damage due to your quick thinking. I’m glad all the animals made it through all right. I think the paving stones would be a great idea! It might be a costly repair, but I’ll bet they would hold up better than a dirt or wood floor, and if you get a deluge of rain again, the damage will be much less.

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  3. We got a bit of that out here on the plains (Brush,co), we were thankful cuz we have been missing most of the storms n getting dry. Are you worried about winter? We follow our storms. If we get hit hard in the spring/summer we usually have hard winter storms too. Glad your critters are OK!

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