Eating Gluten-Free at Events: Clothespin Craft for 4th of July

Almost 11 years ago several of us in the family were diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and we have all eaten gluten-free ever since then.  It has gotten much easier over the years as GF awareness and food labeling have changed drastically.  But, despite that, eating at events and parties can still be tricky.  We have found a way to deal with the problem over the years, by making clothespins that are labeled with “GF” and clipping them to the dishes on the food table that contain food that is gluten-free.

The girls and I decided we wanted to make festive 4th of July themed clothespins for our upcoming BBQ with extended family.  We also made some that said “DF” for dairy-free because some people coming need to stay dairy-free.

They were simple and fun to make.  First, we got the supplies we needed at Hobby Lobby: wooden clothespins (we took them apart once we got them home), wooden stars, acrylic paint, paint brushes, painters tape, and hot glue.

We painted all the stars white (2 coats), and all the clothespins white about 3/4 of the way to the top and on the sides.

Then we taped off half of the clothespin, lengthwise, and painted the uncovered half red.

Once that was dry, we taped off 1-inch down from the top, and painted the exposed area blue (2 coats), including the sides and the back.

Lastly, we labeled the stars with a permanent marker, glued them on half of the clothespin pieces with hot glue, and put the clothespins back together with their springs.

Now everyone at the BBQ will easily know what they can and cannot safely eat with their special dietary concerns, and they will add a decorative touch to the food table!

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