Sunday Homestead Update

We had a somewhat calm week here on the farm.  Calm compared to the busy-ness of late.  It was hot for our area, so the animals all mostly laid around in the shade trying to stay cool, and us humans spent a lot of time indoors.

Heritage Arts

When we cleaned out the sewing room, I found a pair of socks, hibernating, that I had started March of 2016.  I decided it was high-time to finish them.  I made them summer-length, so it didn’t take long to finish them up.  These were my first socks made with hand-dyed yarn.  I knit them 2-at-a-time, from each end of the skein, and found that the coloring is slightly different on each.  I guess one end of the skein was a bit different in color than the other because of the hand-dyeing.  But I like them nonetheless!  I always wanted to make socks with different colored toes/heels/cuffs – and this was my first pair doing that.  I am very happy with them.

I am also continuing to press on with the sweater for Mr. Smiles.  Still on the sleeves and at that boring part in the middle of something easily repetitive where it feels like you are not making any progress at all.

And since I got those socks off the needles, and am at the boring part in Mr. Smiles’ sweater, I had a strong desire to cast something new on.  🙂

So I got out the baby alpaca/silk/cashmere oh-so-soft and luscious fingering weight yarn that Mtn Man bought me at Fiber Train a few weeks ago and cast on a shawl.

We didn’t get to any sewing this week except more mending, mostly patching pants.

Impromptu Hatch

Eve decided she wants to set, and since I haven’t let her set and hatch eggs since January of 2016, it was time to let her have a go.  I want to continue to encourage her to brood and raise chicks, and not get rid of that tendency in her.  She is an excellent mama hen.

Being that she is a Silky, she can only handle about 6 regular-sized chicken eggs under her.  I bought hatching eggs for her since our roosters are not ready to breed quite yet, and they came by the dozen.  So I put the eggs into the incubator, and put ceramic eggs under Eve to keep her in the mood.  Once the eggs are in the incubator 5 days I will check fertility and put the fertile ones under her.  If there are more than 6 fertile then I will leave some in the incubator and add the incubator chicks to her chicks after they all hatch.  Even though she can only set about 6 eggs, she can raise 10 or so chicks.

We moved her to the broody coop to set and hatch.

The hatching eggs are just some random mixed breeds, nothing we are interested in keeping, I just needed something to put under her so she could go through the process.  We will sell and butcher them when they are big enough.

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