After the Storm

Thursday and Friday we had over 3 feet of very wet, heavy, spring snow dumped on us.  It has been melting pretty fast and we are down to about a foot or less in shady places, and the sunny spots are either completely melted or very close to it.

The barnyard is a terribly wet, mucky mess.  I feel bad for the livestock because after being unable to leave the barn for three days because of the deep snow, they are now unable to leave because they don’t want to slop through the deep mud.  Hopefully the next couple of sunny days will finish the melting and dry it out enough to get them back outdoors.

The berry bushes are not happy at all.  They look downright terrible.  But upon close inspection I don’t see any broken branches, just super soggy branches bent down to the ground by the weight of the snow and the fact that they are so wet they bend easily.  I am hopeful that as the snow melts and they dry they will stand back up.

The Rhubarb and Lilac bush are also smooshed.

So far the garden looks to have survived.  The tomatoes were protected by the WOWs over them.  And the cabbages were protected by the frost fabric tents over them.  The carrots, lettuce, turnips, beets, peas, and spinach were all tiny seedlings just sprouted.  Once the snow melts we will see if they survived it.

Just another day homesteading in the Rockies!  🙂

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