Buried in Snow

Wednesday the kids were riding their bikes, I was gardening, and it was warm and sunny.  By Thursday we had two feet of snow.  By Friday morning we are above 3 feet and it is still coming down.  Everything is white.  May in the Rocky Mountains!

I’ve included old photos of the same areas to give some reference.


10 thoughts on “Buried in Snow

  1. I know what you mean! My son’s here to visit since Wednesday and now he’s trapped! We live not far from Long’s Peak, up near Allenspark and we can’t see our deck anymore. We had a moose visiting us yesterday, munching on the new growth aspen leaves under the snow. I’d show you a pic, but I assuming you have blocked copying pics. I can’t help wondering how much longer this will go on. Kind of wreaks havoc with anything growing. Our bird feeders are buried and I worry about the nesting pairs of Mountain Chickadees and other birds who thought it was spring… Wow!


    • The seed birds have been able to access our feeders, but I am wondering what the violet green swallows are doing. They eat bugs and we have a whole colony of them that had just started setting up in all our bird houses to nest. Haven’t seen any during the storm and don’t know what they are eating to stay alive. I expect this isn’t their first May storm and they have some way of dealing with it.


      • We have hummingbirds as well and we just put out our feeder for them again. I can’t help wondering if the insectivores have moved to lower altitudes temporarily as I haven’t seen bug one recently. Even the mice have returned to their nests, which says something. Now there is sun and the snow seems to be melting somewhat. We need to get bird houses that won’t blow down. We had some that were hanging, but those got dashed to the ground.


  2. Oh No! Well, that’s Mother Nature for you. I hope the late snow storm doesn’t damage anything you may have planted so far, but it looks like maybe you haven’t planted yet? Here’s to a great growing season!


    • We have done some planting, but I don’t think it will hurt anything. The seedlings are protected by WOWs and frost fabric tunnels, and the seeds in the ground are just barely sprouting.


    • The seedlings that are out are in frost fabric tunnels and wall-o-waters, which will protect them. The seeds I have planted are just barely sprouting, so I am hopeful they will be fine. This is why we have to plant so late – because these storms can come along and surprise us.

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