Can’t Accomplish Anything

It is really hard to get anything done around the homestead when all this cuteness is available for viewing at any time.  Whenever we walk by the barnyard our visual senses are bombarded and we just have to stop and watch…for 5 minutes…10…15…20…….an hour!

This page will probably take forever to load…but I just had to share all the adorable pictures with you all.




4 thoughts on “Can’t Accomplish Anything

  1. I feel the same way with our chicks. This is the first time we’ve ever had a hen raise chicks on her own, and the chicks in the chicken run are soooo much more fun to watch than the chicks in the brooder and every time I walk past the run, I get sucked into watching them (though I’ve been known to hover over the brooder for quite a while, too!)

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  2. Love reading your “About Our Journey” post. I will have to take a day to read your posts. The header picture is absolutely stunning and breathtaking….Magical. Excited to have found Willow Creek Farm. Brings back many memories of growing up on a farm.

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