Sunday Homestead Update

We are in the middle of a spring cold spurt.  February was unexpectedly warm, and April has been unexpectedly cold.  Snuggling up with a cup of tea and my knitting while the snow flies.


The cold weather made us decide to hold off another week on integrating the flocks.  Hoping it will be warmer next week!


We built a creep feeder for the lambs by using a couple of boards to hold one of the birthing stall’s door open only enough for the lambs to squeeze in.  Toffee, one of our ewes, was trying her hardest to join the lambs in the stall so she could eat some of their extra alfalfa.  It was comical.

The moorit ewe lamb, Rose, absolutely loves the dogs.  She might think she is a dog…I am not sure.  Last week I posted a picture of her cuddling with our older LGD, Tundra.  This week I caught her nuzzling up with our younger LGD, Anya.  It was so adorable.  Anya is doing so well settling in with the livestock around here.

At one point this week I closed Tundra on the other side of the fence from little Rose and Rose ran up and down the fence calling to him like he was her mom.  When he came back in she ran right over to him and he licked her face.  It was so cute.  This lamb definitely has a special bond with the dogs.

The little ram lamb is doing wonderfully.  He is a big boy, as big as Rose, who is 2 weeks older than him.  His BFL father definitely shows in his head and ears!  We have named him Fergus.

Daffodil and Rose are really enjoying playing together in the barnyard.  Fergus will join them this week and learn how to run, jump, climb, and play.

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