Sunday Homestead Update – Easter

Happy Resurrection Day!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, we enjoyed good fellowship, good food, and good family time.

Green is beginning to pop up all over the place…a sign that spring is here.

Gooseberry Bush

Overwintered Garlic


We have been preparing the garden because our first outdoor planting is next weekend.  This year I am trying out doing hoops over the garden boxes that will have cabbage, beets, turnips, spinach, and lettuce.  I will use light frost fabric over the hoops to provide pest protection and hopefully extend the season on both the spring and the autumn end.  I got all the hoops in the ground this week, and will put the fabric over them after planting next weekend.

We also got the drip system up and running and checked for leaks and breaks.  We will still have some hard freezes, so we will have to blow it out again, but we wanted to be sure it didn’t need any maintenance.

The lambs are doing well.  The little moorit ewe lamb born this last week has been named Rose.  She is doing pretty well, though not as vigorous as we would like.  Here she is investigating one of the barn cats:

We are still waiting on our last lambing.  Fiona is now past the expected due date range guessed by the ultrasound.  She is almost as wide as she is tall!  We are expecting large twins from her based on her size…or maybe small triplets?  Any day now!

Springtime on the high-altitude homestead!


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