She’s a Moorit!

In the early hours in the dark barn this morning, under the red heat lamp, the ewe lamb that was born was still a bit damp and looked to be black with a white star on her head, just like a ewe lamb we had born a couple weeks ago.  It was surprising since her mother and father were both moorit colored and we were really hoping for a moorit lamb.  But I haven’t studied color genetics in sheep so I didn’t know what to expect for sure.  I know a lot about color genetics in chickens and it can be complicated, so I figured I just didn’t know enough about it.

After she was fully dry and the afternoon light was shining into the barn, it was clear that she was not black.  We have never had a moorit born at Willow Creek Farm before and didn’t realize how very dark they are as lambs.  But she is indeed a moorit colored CVM ewe lamb!  We are very excited since it is not as common of a color in CVMs.  And it helps take some of the sting off the fact that we were hoping she was a ram.


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