One Last Chance

As I said yesterday, our ewe, Agnes, was looking to be close to birthing.  So last night we did two-hour checks since it was below freezing and we didn’t want to risk a chilled lamb.  We checked her at 11 pm, 1 am, 3 am, and we were going to do 5 am, but the bottle lambs get their bottles at 6 am so we figured that adding one extra hour after a long night of trekking out to the barn wouldn’t make a difference.  So we went out at 6, and of course…lamb was already born.  We missed it.  But that was OK because it was up and trying to nurse and mama was bonded and cleaning it off.  We are very happy for safe delivery and healthy lamb.

One of our goals this year was to raise up our own herd-sire ram so we could do all our own breeding.  Well….the lamb born last night was…ANOTHER girl!  We have now had 8 females born this year and NO males.  Crazy statistics.  We are thoroughly surprised.  We figured this one HAD to be a male after all those females.

So we have one last pregnant ewe, due in the next week or so.  She is our last chance to raise our own ram this year.  If not, we will look into buying one.  Time will tell!

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