An Exciting New Adventure

The last few months I have often mentioned how busy we are with things “outside of our homestead” as well as with the homestead itself.  I am finally ready to share with you what it is that we have been so busy with!

Last July an idea and a dream began forming in our family’s heart.  Mtn Man has been doing construction work for over 20 years now, and the last couple years he has felt an itch to get out of it and into something new.  We wanted it to be something he truly loved and enjoyed, and something our entire family could participate in – a family business.  And last July we figured out what we wanted that business to be…a custom fiber processing mill.  We love all things wool and fiber related so much, and we have been processing our own fiber and really enjoying it…and the idea to open a mill just clicked for us.

Switching careers after 20 years, while supporting a family of 7 on a single income is no simple feat.  But over the last several months we have prayed and taken one step at a time working towards that dream.  And it has been really crazy and busy at times, and even stressful.  But we are very surprised at how quickly the dream has become reality.

We are very excited to announce that we have now opened our doors for business…and Willow Creek Fiber Mill is up and running!

We provide custom processing services for wool, alpaca, and many exotic fibers, making them into roving, batts, or yarn.  We offer washing, picking, carding, pin-drafting, and spinning services.

We have really been enjoying processing our own fibers on the new mill equipment the last couple of weeks, and I have been left with a lot of awesome yarn that Mtn Man has made me that I am excited to start working with.  My current favorite is this 50% Angora 50% CVM/Wensleydale that he made from fiber from our sheep Violet mixed with angora from our bunny, Oliver.  We are calling it “Violiver” just for fun.  I have been perusing patterns on Ravelry looking for just the right thing to knit this Violiver yarn into.  🙂  It is Oh-So-Soft!

And look at the luster on this 3-ply Lincoln Longwool yarn from our sheep Stella.  Love it!

I will share more about the machines and the process in the coming weeks, but for now go check out our new business at!  And if you raise fiber animals, please consider giving our mill a try and seeing what we can create for you from your fiber.  And share our info with your fellow homesteaders.

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