Sunday Homestead Update – on Monday :-)

Sorry for the lack of blogging…living the homestead life, along with everything else, has been enough to keep me busy and away from the computer lately.  Lots of good things are happening…there is just a really lot of them.  🙂


Indoors, under the grow lights, the garden seedlings are looking lush and green.

Outside, the garden itself is looking pretty barren and a bit torn up from the winter.  But that will be changing soon enough.

And when you know where to look, you see the little signs of green here and there, coming back to life.  The strawberries are beginning to poke through.  This is my first year not putting straw over them to insulate for winter, and I am happy to see they survived the cold experiment.

And the chives are back and growing like crazy.


The two bottle lambs are doing well and we take them out to the barnyard daily to be with the flock and get some fresh air.  We are hoping to move them out there permanently this week.  They met one of the barn cats today during their time out…it was cute.

Our last two ewes are due this week and then we will be done with lambing season.  One looks to be ready to lamb in the next couple days, the other seems a bit farther out.


Our last doeling was sold this week and went to her new home.  It was a very good match for her and I think she will live a good and happy life there.

We have had to separate the goats from the sheep because the goats started aggressively bullying the sheep a couple of weeks ago.  It wasn’t just regular pecking order fighting where when one submits the other stops hassling them.  They were constantly bullying and attacking the sheep over and over again even when they submitted.  Gretchen even gave poor Agnes a bloody nose and hit her eye so bad that her eye swelled shut and had a big split on the eyelid.  We have no idea why this shift in behavior happened.  They have lived in perfect harmony for 5 months now, and then it suddenly shifted.  But we couldn’t just leave it alone.  So the goats have their own pen now, attached to their stall.

Agnes’ eyelid is healing, but it still looks pretty bad.  Poor girl.


The chicks are 8 weeks old now and we have started letting them out into the exterior pen for fresh air each day.  So far they are pretty timid and don’t really want to go outside because they are scared.

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