Sunday Homestead Update – Favorites

It’s been a rollercoaster emotions week.  We had the highs of two different successful lambings, with three healthy lambs born, and then on the low side we had the death of our ewe Rianna, as well as the death of Sunshine’s pet hamster that she has had for over two years.  So there were ups and downs, but we are trying to focus on the ups.  And in that spirit, I wanted to tell you about some of my favorites…

There are a few things that I would call my “favorite” parts of homesteading.  One is definitely the garden, especially planting and the hope that you feel as you head into a new spring and put those seeds in the ground dreaming of a bountiful harvest.

Another one of my favorites is watching a baby animal when we put it out in the barnyard for the first time and it sees the outdoors.  Watching it experience the sun, sky, breeze, and big open spaces for the first time is priceless.  They are timid at first, unsure of how to proceed.  And then their confidence grows and they begin to run, kick up their back legs, twist in mid air, throw their heads around, and just completely explode joy.  It is so cute.  They are all legs and at some point will get all those legs tangled and do a face plant, but they jump right back up again and start tearing around the yard full blast.  I just love it.  I could watch it for hours.

We got to watch little Daffodil go outside for the first time yesterday, and depending on the weather the bottle lamb twins will come out this coming week.  Such a blessing!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update – Favorites

  1. Like you I love to see the young animals out and about, in fact the whole flock (of goats) interacting together can keep me occupied for longer that I should spend doing nothing 🙂


  2. Very sorry to read about the loss of Rianna and Sunshine’s hamster. When you care for your animals so closely it must make it all the harder when they go. Good on you for focusing on the positive. Daffodil is absolutely adorable. What a gorgeous little addition to your homestead. Loved your description of the baby animals experiencing the outdoors for the first time :). Like you, I could stand and watch them all day. Just like babies, you find yourself captivated watching them (while the chores wait!) 🙂


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