Milestone Birth

As we anxiously await the birth of Rianna’s lambs, Violet’s delivery kind of snuck up on us.  They were both given the same due date by ultrasound last December.  But Violet was showing no signs of impending labor, whereas Rianna has had all the signs of impending labor for over two weeks now.  Last night at barn chores we put Violet in the lambing stall and fed her.  She looked to have no changes at all.  At 8:30, when we went out to do evening milking, the baby had clearly dropped, her udder was bagged up, and she had discharge.  It was very sudden and clear that she was in early labor.

By about 10 she started being very agitated and the contractions were obvious.  At 11 she started pushing.  And at about 11:30 our milestone ewe lamb was born!  What do I mean by milestone?  This is the first ever, second-generation lamb born at Willow Creek Farm.  Violet was born here two years ago to our ewe Daphne, the first year we had any lambs born.  And now Violet is having her own lambs born.  So that is pretty special and fun.

She is all black, with white spots on her head and the back of her ears.  We named her Daffodil.

Love the white splashes on the back of her ears!

Of course, as is often true, this all happened right in the middle of a cold, wet, spring snow storm blowing through.  We got her dried off and she was up and eating well.  We used the heat lamp over night and kept a close eye on everything.  But this morning she seemed sluggish and we found that her body temp was down.  So we brought her inside and put her in a hot box.  Once warmed up we gave her back to Violet and she has been nursing well and seems to be recovering fine at this point.

Very blessed by this milestone birth!  It was SO nice to have everything go off without a hitch, especially considering how the two goats’ births went this year.

We are continuing to wait for Rianna’s delivery, and keep a close eye on her.

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